The Cleaning Of Artificial Trees And Other Silk Plants

Published: 18th November 2011
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Now there is no need to be making a big deal out of cleaning any kind of artificial trees, only because it is not a big deal! There is the normal or regular type of cleaning and then there is more of what most people call a deeper cleaning. Most of the time, as far as cleaning chores go, what are you doing? Yep, dusting with a good duster (we hope) that holds the dust instead of just spreading it around.

As we know everything around us gathers dust and needs this so-called simple cleaning. Artificial trees and other artificial plants are no exception to the rule. If you start at the top and work downward, this can be very simple. If you happen to put a little more pressure on a wired branch, you may need to reshape it and this is very simple to do. Donít leave your plantís branches or leaves looking like they got run over by a truck. It takes very little time to arrange any plant to the realistic shape it should have and it will show that you really care and have pride in these excellent silk plants.

Now, for the deeper cleaning, that may need to be done once or twice a year depending on your area. It is better to take your silk trees or other artificial plants outside where you can use the hose and a spray nozzle to lightly (yes, lightly) spray the tree off. Now if the containers that you have your plant in does not have a drain hole, you should take some kind of wrap and wrap it so it will keep the water out as much as possible. That is not a bad idea even if you do have a drain hole in the container.

You might wonder about using water on trees that are made with natural wood. You are not soaking these trees for several hours; you are just lightly spaying them and shaking off the excess water. When handling any silk plant or silk tree made with real wood, you need to handle those items with the thicker and hardier part of the trunk. This avoids making two trees out of one!

Now, some people have used a very mild detergent by putting a very little in a spray bottle and filling it with water the rest of the way. You should always check your artificial plant first by trying this method of cleaning in small area, letting it sit for no more than 5 minutes, then spray plain water on it to get rid of the mild detergent. Let the leaf or area dry and make sure that this is not going to damage the silk plant in any way. Using the soap this way might be a big help if you have any grease in the area or if it has been a long time between cleanings. Those that use this method start with the spray bottle at the top and just lightly spray the plant and working their way to the bottom. After you finish spraying it with the spray bottle, take the hose with a fine spray nozzle, if at all possible, and spray the tree off. Then shake the silk tree (griping as described above) or silk plant lightly to get the excess water off and let it dry before taking it back inside. It is said that cleaning artificial trees that are 6í and 8í tall is very easy to do. It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes, not counting drying time. These artificial trees and plants are ready for another long service time.

Mary started working with clients in the retail furniture stores and interior decorators over 20 years ago and has been involved in writing information on silk flowers and silk trees. In recent years she has been working closely with in marketing support.

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